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Ilderton, Ontario. Just a few minutes North of London and half-way between Lake Erie and Lake Huron. A rural community of just a few hundred people in the 80s, now home to over 2500 due to the demand for affordable living space close to the city yet far enough away to still maintain it's village feel. Continued, managed growth makes Ilderton a hot-spot for new home owners and the town has become a very desirable place to live. Most houses and homes are just a few steps away from rolling countryside providing enjoyable walks and cycle rides. The ball diamond and play fields are popular venues along with the skateboard park and splash pad provided by The Optimists.

Just walk down the main street and feel the warmth, everyone says hello, store keepers are friendly and inviting and the air is clean and fresh (but sometimes a little "rural"!). The community is active, with The Lions Club, Optimists, Church groups and many other organisations helping to make Ilderton a great place to live and work. There is one major employer in town and many smaller businesses, some run from home and some from storefronts. There is a well equipped gym with 24 hour access and some of the best rates around,  2 hairdressers, pharmacy, 2 gas bars plus a garage, veterinary surgery, medical centre, bank, dentist, variety store, 2 pizza stores, one of the most popular restaurant/pubs for miles around plus many other businesses.

The Ilderton Fair is one of the largest country fairs in Southern Ontario and brings huge crowds to the town every fall. The parade can take over an hour to go by and the events at the fairground and arena entertain young and old all weekend. At other times of the year the fairgrounds host many agricultural and equine events, the arena is home to sporting events year-round and is the focus for local hockey through the fall to spring. Alongside the arena is the famous Ilderton Curling Club, with what is reputed to be the best ice around. It's many members, guests and visiting teams make it a busy 4-sheet surface and it's luxurious bar overlooking the ice provides a convivial venue for after-game relaxation. During the winter Ilderton becomes a hub for snow-mobilers as there are several trails which pass through or close by plus the availability of fuel for both machines and riders!

Just a few minutes drive from Ilderton takes you to the outskirts of London, the new major shopping centre at Hyde Park and Fanshawe being home to Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire, Winners, Bulk Barn and many other retail outlets. Further South takes you to many more suburban outlet malls and just a little further sees you in London with it's wide variety of restaurants, bars, stores and entertainment venues including The Western Fair & Casino. 40 minutes drive gets you to either of the nearby Great Lakes. Grand Bend is a popular summer destination with it's miles of beach, bustling main street, golf courses, lively bars and patios and summer-themed stores. Just over an hour drive gets you to the US border, popular with bargain hunters making day trips to US malls.

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